Camel Safari
Take a ride to some of the ancient passes and have a glimpse of village life in Ladakh through a Camel Safari. This unique safari has always proved to be a fascinating part of a Ladakh Visit. The 'ship of desert' is something more than just a mode of transport in the frozen desert of Ladakh. Camels have been a chief mode of exploring rugged mountaineous terrains since ancient times. It is probably the most remarkable experience of your trip, rolling on the back of a camel exploring the remotest areas and villages of the Nubra Valley. Double Humped Bactrian Camels offer the most enchanting ride in Nubra Valley. These double humped camels were earlier used by traders as pack animals to load spices, fruits, clothes, etc. For the last 50 years, they have been bred from the tourism point of view. They can carry two to three adults at a time and can travel for miles. In the past few years, these camels have emerged as the hot favorites among tourists for camel safaris. A double-humped camel ride is quite popular at Deskit and Hunder. A double-humped camel ride is popular in Ladakh and is considered one of the best camel safaris throughout the world.

The appropriate time of Camel Safari in Ladakh is from July to September. During this time, camel safaris are single of the most unforgettable experiences as one gain the progressing and unstable movements of the camel. The unexpected amendment of lush and blossoming nature apricot woods to the ice-covered desert and cold peaks catches one about by surprise.

Thus, Camel Safari in Ladakh is a suitable mode of transportation, with the main point of visitor’s amusements.  By riding on Camel Safari visitors feels so much pleasure and keep eyes on picturesque beauty of the Ladakhi dales, villages, chiefly the Panamic village, and the multicolored Buddhist monasteries or Gompas.
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