Jeep Safaris
An easier and more relaxed way to explore the beautiful landscapes of Ladakh and Zanskar is by taking one of our many Jeep Journeys. We have a fleet of well maintained 4 wheel Jeeps manned by well trained and knowledgeable safe drivers. As all these Safaris entail camping we send along a support Jeep with expert camp staff comprising a friendly expert cook and eager to please camp assistants. All our kitchen and camp equipment are of the highest possible standards and daily schedules are flexible according to your inclination. While we have regular planned Jeep Safaris we are always open to your requirements and time schedule because our aim is to give you a leisurely holiday not take you on a whirlwind tour where all you see is a blurred vision of the land. You are always welcome to design your own itinerary for which we give all necessary information of the area and camping sites enroute. Some of our more popular pre-planned Jeep Safaris are given here for you to choose from. You can always mail us if you have a particular destination in mind and we'll extend all help in preparing a special customized safari just for you.

The Changthang Lake District Safari - 7 Nights / 8 Days.

Highest Altitude reached: 5260 metres. Best months: June to September.

This Safari takes you through the high grazing lands of the nomadic Changpa who roam these lands with their herds of Yak and goats. In the vast open spaces of the Rupshu valley the Changthang plateau is a haven of silence and offers magnificent views of distant snow clad mountains. Our Safari takes in two salt water lakes - the expansive Tso Moriri at a height of 4525 metres fringed in by bald burnished hills which is also a breeding ground for numerous migratory birds. On the southwest shores of this seemingly endless lake is the charming village of Karzok the only permanent settlement in the region. Inhabited by a warm and friendly community it has a 135 year old monastery well worth a visit. To the south east stands Mentok peak while to the north is the Chamsher peak at 6620 metres. Enroute also are the famous medicinal hot water springs of Chumathang. Get to visit and meet the ever smiling Changpa who live in large yak skin tents while moving around these grazing grounds. We also visit the heavily brackish Tso Kar lake at 4430 metres with its numerous salt mounds and deep blue waters. Mail us for a detailed itinerary.

The Nubra Valley ancient Trade Route Jeep Safari - 7 Nights / 8 Days.

Highest Altitude Reached: 5602 metres. Best months: June to September.

This enchanting safari takes you through the world's highest motorable road into one of the most picturesque regions in Ladakh. Nubra was an important stopover point for the numerous trade caravans on their way to the legendary markets of Central Asia or the cities of Kashgar, Yarkhand and other Chinese and Tibetan towns. Here fruit orchards abound and apricot is plentiful. Another unforgettable sight is that of the Bactrian double humped camel stomping through grey sand dunes these unusual looking animals used to be part of the pack animals used by traders. Sleepy villages are visited which were once beehives of activity and you get great views of the Karakorum and Zanskar ranges from atop the Khardung La pass.

The Remote Zanskar Wilderness Safari - 9 Nts / 10 Days .

Highest Altitude Reached: 4400 metres. Best Months: June to September.

This enlightening safari takes you to the most remote and isolated valleys in the Ladakh region. Here the landscape assumes fantastic and bizarre shapes a result of wind erosion. Here the stark barren landscape is only broken by a remote village with its green barley fields and willow trees. We cross the magnificent Suru valley and pass the dominant Nun Kun massif. Crossing the 4400 meter high Pensi La pass we visit remote villages and stop over at the ancient monasteries of Zangla, Karsha, Bardan and Stongde. An unforgettable a safari replete with views of nature's way of sculpting the hills. Remoteness and isolation and fantastic views of the mighty Drang Drung glacier.

The Aryan Race Dha Hanu Safari - 7 Nights / 8 Days.

Highest Altitude reached: 3900 metres. Best Months: May to September.

Off the Leh Srinagar highway into the interior villages of a unique Aryan racial and culturally distinct community - the Drok pa. Colourful people with unique traditions and customs they combine Bon Buddhism with animistic religion. Racially similar to the people of nearby Gilgit. About 2000 people live in five villages and we visit two villages. Also visit the huddled town of Kargil with a predominantly Muslim population.

Our other Jeep Safaris include -

The Pangong Lake Safari - 5 Days ;
The Leh-Rupshu - Kharnch Safari - 8 days
The Great Trans Himalayan Safari - 14 Days on the Manali Leh Highway involving the crossing of 5 major mountain passes.

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